My Lorry Sdn. Bhd. "the Organiser” wishes to thank you for submitting a request for a vehicle price quote from a selected dealership via our website. Before completing your request submission for a vehicle price quote, you are advised to read and agree to the terms and conditions below. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this bid to myTruckBid (My Lorry Sdn Bhd), you understand and agree to the following, including but not limited to, Terms and Conditions (subject to change):

a) All vehicles listed have NOT undergone inspection, myTruckBid (My Lorry Sdn Bhd) provides the photos as a guide and a guide only.

b) myTruckbid (My Lorry Sdn Bhd) does not guarantee the vehicles' conditions and you are bidding it on an AS-IS basis.

c) It is your responsibility to check and inspect upon vehicle viewing. Refund of payment or return of the goods will NOT be entertained after you have taken delivery of the vehicles.

d) All bids submitted are an offer to purchase and you can submit more than 1 (ONE) bid during the same bidding session and the latest bid will supersede any and all previous bids.

e) The seller have the right to reject your bid even though it is the highest bid. No bids are guaranteed.

f) You understand that you can view and inspect the vehicle if and only if your bid is accepted by the seller.

g) Deposit of RM500 is required prior to viewing and inspection of truck.

g.1) Deposit paid is deducted from the final handling fees payment to myTruckBid (My Lorry Sdn Bhd) when deal is completed.

g.2) Deposit paid is forfeited should you refuse the deal, for whatever reasons, AFTER seller has accepted your bid offer.

g.3) Deposit is fully refunded should the seller refuse your bid offer.

h) You have the right to withdraw or amend the final bidding price after viewing and inspection. New bidding price is not final and is pending sellers' acceptance.

i) Once sellers accepted the final bidding price, you will make the full payment, including handling fees, within 2-calendar days and take delivery of the vehicle after all payment is received.

j) You will pay myTruckBid (My Lorry Sdn Bhd) a handling fees (excluding any applicable taxes), according to the following (subject to change):

For final bid price of RM29,999.99 and below: RM 1,000 (Premium Dealers: RM800)

For final bid price of RM30,000 - RM79,999.99: RM 1,500 (Premium Dealers: RM1,300)

For final bid price of RM80,000 and above: RM 2,000 (Premium Dealers: RM1,800)

k) Payment via online bank transfer to My Lorry Sdn Bhd:

CIMB 8008231950

MBB 514132538797